Pack the Pack is a fast paced tile laying, gem-matching game of inventory management. As brave adventurers it is your solemn duty to stuff your pack as full as possible with the filthy rewards of your fantasy-themed violence. So scramble to nab the best treasure and race back to town (by yelling "TO TOWN!") to tally the value of your booty before the rest of your party gets there first.

It's Tetris plus Dominoes but throw in some friendly grabbing and a whole lot of real-time competition.

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4 colors and 5 loot items. Match gems to keep the loot! 88 tiles and 10 playmats per game. 

What did the
pros say?

"...this game already exists"

- Rodney Thompson, Game Designer and person who is wrong about this point

"I am the Dwarf"

- Luke Crane, Creator of Burning Wheel


Josh Dillon, Daniel Dranove, Eli Halpern, Ben Hantoot, David Munk, David Pinsof, Max Temkin, and Eliot Weinstein (Co-creators, Cards Against Humanity) Mike Selinker (President, Lone Shark Games formerly of Wizards of the Coast and Avalon Hill) Luke Crane (Creator of Burning Wheel) Greg Bilsland  (Producer, Dungeons and Dragons) Rodney Thompson (Game Designer, Dungeons and Dragons and Lords of Waterdeep) Chris Cieslik  (Owner, Asmadi Games) Paul Peterson (Game Designer, Smash Up and Guillotine) Derek Guder (Event Manager, Gen Con) Mike Trotzke (Founder, Red Army Games; Cofounder, SproutBox) Chris Rowlands and Aaron Donogh (Media Production Coordinator and RPG Expert, Card Kingdom) Shari Spiro (Founder, Ad Magic)